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At the foot of the Eastern Vermio, in a natural embrace, formed by successive levels that slowly descend to the plain, is built Naoussa, dominating from an average altitude of 330 m. from the sea across the fertile plain of Imathia, which extends to Thessaloniki. To the west, the horizon of the city can be described by mountains and hills which create this very welcoming hug, inside which was founded and developed the city that exists today.
We can find the school of Aristotle in “Isvoria”, Naoussa ,an idyllic landscape.It is the place that housed a little after the middle of the 4th century BC the school where the philosopher Aristotle taught the young Alexander. Between two natural caves was carved vertically the rock, and has been created an L-shaped natural cave.
Although the excavations have not been completed, the archaeological site is open to the public.

Grove of Saint Nikolas of Naousa

In a distance of  two kilometers from the center of Naoussa and 500 meters from the hotel, are located the sources of Arapistas river in a dense vegetation of plane trees.

The river of Arapista supplies the city with water and irrigates the fertile lands of the whole region. In the local vegetation also exist wild native boxwoods, lindens and oaks. The place can provide organized sports grounds including tennis, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and a modern indoor Olympic sized swimming pool. There are also guest service facilities with hotels and restaurants, taverns and home centers.


200b72_dabdb8378e914e36a263a4c475005858The closed Swimming pool in Agios Nikolaos is one of the largest public works ever made in Naoussa. It is just 500 meters from our hotel in the verdant natural beauty of Ag. Nikolaos. This large project is one of the most modern swimming pools in Europe, Olympic standard, delivered in January 2010 for use of the citizens of our region. It offers all year round the possibility for sport and recreation activities for all citizens and especially for young people. The Supporting infrastructure include: exercise room, training space for swimming athletes, Lockers for the Athletes, Changing rooms for people with disabilities, Changing rooms for Coaches, Referees Lockers, infirmary, Physiotherapy and massage Banquet, Toilets for the athletes and special wc for people with special needs, warehouses. Its electromechanical installations are very prestigious, hardly comparable to other pools of our country. This is something the experts and technicians who have visited the place have expressed with flattering words. The pool facilities (large and small) have a recirculation, refining, chemical and microbiological systems , such as water purifiers. With these systems is being realized the chlorination, flocculation and the Ph adjustment (ie. The acidity) of the water, and thus is being achieved continuous monitoring and CHLORINATION HEATING water with heat exchangers, which ensure water hygiene.


200b72_22fee7e9409448209ce703aaad019389Located 17 km from the hotel, there are the ski resorts of Seli (, and 3-5 Pigadia, ( which are the two most popular ski resorts of Central Macedonia. Seli Ski Centre is indeed the first organized ski center in the country and located in the settlement Kato Vermio, which is one of the higher located villages in Greece. The ski center 3-5 Pigadia have been built after Seli and belongs to the municipality of Heroic City of Naousa. It is a modern ski resort at an altitude of 1.430 – 2.004m with ski slopes for every level of difficulty and cross streets. It is the first and only ski resort in Greece that has acquired an artificial snow system.
200b72_2728d325547b409687efc37a0c4bc341The National Ski center of Seli is the first organized ski center of the country. Opened since 1934, when the first Greek ski races were organized. It is located at an altitude of 1530m. It is 24 km away from Veria, 20 km from Naoussa, 95 km from Thessaloniki and 74 km from Kozani. The main access to the ski center is via the Egnatia highway and the provincial road of Veria-Seli road while the secondary access is through the provincial road of Naoussa-Seli. There are also available paths (routes) of mountaineering courses. Crossed by the international route E4, the ski center 3-5 Pigadia is located on the west side of Mount Vermio at an altitude of 1430-2005 meters. It is 17 km. from the town of Naousa and the paved road always remains open during the winter season. In 3-5 Pigadia there is a hotel and guest house throughout the year. The excellent infrastructure of the ski center, in addition to winter sports, offers a variety of activities (hiking, trekking, mountain biking, hang gliding, paragliding). It has even established as a preparation center of many sports clubs, federations and national teams. The ski slopes of every level of difficulty, satisfy the requirements for sports and tourist skiing. The experienced and professional staff of the ski resort ensure that the slopes are always appropriately designed to offer safety and good experiences. With the artificial snow system, unique in Greece, it is ensured excellent quality of snow throughout the winter season


Veria is located in central Macedonia and is the capital of Imathia. It is just 20km. from Naousa.

It is built at the foot of Vermio and known for the traditional architecture of the old neighborhoods and the numerous Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches.

Its traditional sweet dish is “Revani”.


At a short distance from Veria we can find Vergina, built in the geographical location of the ancient Aigai, in which the excellent archaeologist Manolis Andronikos made his research and discovered the ancient tomb of the King Philip II.

Of great interest is also the modern underground museum of Vergina with the royal tombs and artifacts from the history of Macedonia ..


Edessa, Wasserfälle.
Edessa, Wasserfälle.
Edessa, has an altitude level of 320 meters. It is a city in central Macedonia in Greece, the capital of the homonymous province and of the prefecture of Pella. In the city there is a strong element of water (rivers and waterfalls), which explains why the names of Edessa (wedes in Phrygia was the water tower or water) and Vodena (voda in Slavic is water) have the same root. The city name is Phrygian origin and means “tower / city into the water.